Narrative Design Leadership

I’m Khan. I’m a dedicated, passionate, meticulous, gameplay-first narrative specialist with over 15 years of experience as a game designer, game writer, narrative designer, and team lead.

Since 2020, I have been the Lead Narrative Designer on Dead Island 2 at Deep Silver Dambuster studios in Nottingham, England.

If you or your team has questions on how to be a narrative designer, approachable team leader, meme queen, karaoke legend, ex-LARPer, and/or massive nerd, I am qualified to answer those and you should get in touch.

I’m also on Twitter as @ethnicmutt.

Here’s my Portfolio.

link to Khan's 2019 GDC talk about how to get into Narrative Design
Poke my GDC 2019 talk’s title for more information about it.