Narrative Design Leadership

I’m Khan. I’m a dedicated, passionate, meticulous, gameplay-first narrative specialist, who’s been in the industry since 2006 as a game designer, game writer, narrative designer, and team lead. I’ve worked in the US, Scotland, Germany, and now England.

I am a Lead Narrative Designer at Ubisoft Reflections, in Newcastle. Previously, I was the Lead Narrative Designer at Deep Silver Dambuster studios in Nottingham on Dead Island 2, from 2020 through to its successful launch.

If you or your team has questions on how to be a narrative designer, approachable team leader, meme queen, karaoke legend, ex-LARPer, and/or massive nerd, I am qualified to answer those! And you should get in touch.

I’m also on Twitter as @ethnicmutt.

Here’s my Portfolio.

link to Khan's 2019 GDC talk about how to get into Narrative Design
You can see details of my 2019 GDC talk at