GDC 2019 talk

From the talk’s description:

How does one actually get into the fabulous, mysterious, and glamorous* field of Narrative Design? This is the lecture that Khan, a twelve-year industry veteran (‘Lord of the Rings Online’, ‘Gears: Tactics’), wishes she’d heard at the start of her career. She will give concrete tips for tailoring applications, portfolios, and interviews for narrative design rather than for game writing or game design roles; acing interviews by understanding teams’ narrative needs; navigating the choices of home or abroad, indie or corporate, AAA or free-to-play; and, once feet are in doors, tips and best practices for succeeding as a rookie narrative designer.

*Spoiler alert: as is the case for most design jobs, ND sounds more glamorous than it is. We, too, do a lot of our work in Excel.

You can download the slides here:

And you can watch the presentation on YouTube:

“Plunge Into Storytelling: Transitioning into Narrative Design from Other Disciplines”

or on the GDC Vault (requires a Vault login):